Why is plywood jewelry the perfect summer jewelry?

Plywood jewelry is no longer only a part of everyday life, but for example jewelry made of birch plywood has started to be seen at the most prestigious occasions all the way up to Independence day reception. Wood as a material has been used throughout the ages to make various decorations, and its popularity as a jewelry material has been on the rise in recent years.

Purchasing and using plywood jewelry is especially popular during the summer, when calendars are filled with celebrations and long-awaited vacation plans. Plywood jewelry is suitable both as a gift and for your own use if you are looking for not only a beautiful appearance but also simplicity and practicality.

Summer is the time for parties and plywood jewelry is an excellent gift option

So why is plywood jewelry particularly good for summer wear? Finland is at its best during the warm summer season, when the weekends include an extraordinary number of parties such as graduation parties, summer festivals, bachelor parties and weddings. Summer in Finland is the perfect time to give as a gift a plywood necklace or wooden earrings, which take you right to the edge of Finnish nature with their style, color and simple design.

Finnish design has long been appreciated around the world as well, so plywood jewelry is a well-suited souvenir for guests, even if the holiday trips are located further outside the borders of Finland. What would be a better souvenir to take abroad than a small piece of the Finnish mental landscape? Married couples traditionally celebrate their “wooden” wedding anniversary on their fifth year of marriage, so a wooden piece of jewelry is a perfect gift idea for both a woman and a man on their fifth anniversary.

The lightness of the plywood jewelry attracts summer revelers

One of the best aspects of plywood jewelry is definitely its lightness, which makes it possible to use even flashy and large jewelry without causing pain or friction to the wearer. Many women are surely familiar with the situation where the party outfit is complemented by wonderful and showy earrings, but which have to be abandoned in the middle of the evening, because the ear lobes stretch and shout hosanna due to the weight brought by the metal jewelry. Plywood earrings are the perfect option for a woman who wants to both look good and dance at summer parties from morning to night.

Some earrings also work without holes with a clip attachment, so the weight is distributed more evenly over a larger area and the earring is a more pleasant and safer option for both children and adults. Clip-on earrings are simply clicked onto the ear lobes and are thus also a perfect way for a child to test the use of an earring without having to get a piercing. In addition to lightness, the advantage is that in the summer wooden jewelry irritates polished skin less than metal jewelry, and an earring without holes also does not bring such a great risk of inflammation to the ear lobes in the hot summer heat. In addition, birch plywood is a significantly more ecological alternative as a material than acrylic, which is often popular and used in jewelry.

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