We are proud of our Finnishness, our pure nature and Finnish way of doing things. We strive to make and apply for our solutions in Finland as sustainably and locally as we can. At the same time, we are constantly looking for better solutions that support this idea. We want to create worlds that take us to Finnish happy places. 


Continuity is the red thread between our story and our product. Our products are made of durable and timeless materials that we want to continue their journey for a long time.We strive to do things better and more sustainably every day. We believe that working together will keep us moving forward and constantly renewing.


We have the opportunity to realize ourselves in this world and when creating products, the only limit is imagination. Freedom is evident in our worlds, which we can build and share using creativity. Freedom goes hand in hand with responsibility. We take responsibility for what we do and the environment in which we live.