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Aamos Design Shop Oy (Y-tunnus: 3248245-4)
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40600 Jyväskylä

Register name

Aamos Design Shop Oy customer register

Why this register exists

A customer is registered as a Aamos Design Shop customer, who has made a purchase from or attended an event hosted by Aamos Design Shop Oy.

Use of this register

Register is used to keep and maintain Aamos Design Shop ‘s customer registery, customer orders and maintain customer relation with company. The registry is also used to track missing packages. This information can be used to develop the Aamos Design Shop Oy ‘s operations for statistical purposes and to provide more personalized targeted content on our online services. Personal data will be processed within the limits permitted and required by the Personal Data Act.

The register information can be used in the Aamos Design Shop Oy ‘s own registers to target advertising without disclosing personal information to third parties. Aamos Design Shop Oy may use partners to maintain customer and service relationships. Part of the registration information may be transferred to partner servers for technical reasons. The information is only processed to maintain the Aamos Design Shop Oy ‘s customer relationship through technical interfaces.

Aamos Design Shop Oy has the right to publish the information contained in the customer register as an electronic or written list unless specifically denied by the customer. By means of a catalog, for example, postal stamps for direct mail. The customer has the right to deny publication of the information by notifying the customer service or the registry administrator.

Information contained in the register

The person register contains the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Mailing address
  • Telephone number
  • Details of order
  • Tracking Information for order

Information disclosure

The customer database information is only available to Aamos Design Shop Oy , except when uses an external service provider. Registered personal data will be disposed of at the request of the user unless legislation, open invoices or recovery operations prevent the deletion of data

Protection of the registry

The register will not be handed over to third parties. The registry is located on a secure server accessible only by a member of Aamos Design Shop Oy .

My rights?

As a customer you are entitled to:

  • Get access to personal information about you, including the right to receive a copy of your personal information
  • Ask for correction or deletion of personal information about you
  • Under certain conditions, it may request a restriction of processing or object to the processing of personal data

Please contact our customer service to make a claim to your rights. The request must be sufficiently identified so that our customer service can verify your identity. We will notify you if we are unable to complete your request in some respects, such as removing any information that we have a statutory obligation or right to retain.

You can request the information stored on the Aamos Design Shop Oy systems by emailing:

Are cookies used on the trade pages and what are they? uses cookies and other similar techniques, such as the local storage of the browser. Cookies are small text files between the terminal browser and the server. Cookies and other tags have a validity period, after which the browser deletes the tag. We use these technologies to carry out activities, personalization, analytics, and marketing targeting.

Functional cookies and local storage are used for example. customer identification, sign-up, delivery time estimates, and shopping cart functionality. For these activities, the use and use of cookies and local storage is mandatory. The functional cookies set by the server and the local storage variables will remain in the browser 15min-24k unless explicitly removed from the browser settings. Visiting a site puts cookies and local store variables on again when the browser allows.

Information used for analysis and marketing is anonymous whenever possible. Otherwise, we will deal with personal information as long as the tag contains client targeting information, such as an IP address. Also, tags that are linked to a customer in some way are treated as personal information. The tags used for analysis and marketing are valid for 30 days to 24 months.

We use Google Analytics for example. on our site, on popular products, trends and on sales analytics. The information you send to Google is anonymized.

Will my personal data be disclosed to third parties?

We may disclose some of the necessary information to third parties to ensure delivery and marketing. The information used for analysis and personalization purposes is anonymized or pseudonymized wherever possible. Only we can combine the pseudonymized information you use with your name.

We will provide information to the following third parties:

Analytical and Statistical Partners

Paying a payment card when paying with a payment card

Tax office when sold without tax

For the transport company (Posti)

Paytrail stores IP-address, payment method and payment time & date during the payment process.