Jewellery from our happy place

Laituri korvakoru

Collection 2022

“Bright sun, the smell of reeds. Rippling waves tickling soaked toes. The wooden groan tells the story of both unshakable standing and changing years. place in the end where we can jump into cooling water and hide from the world.”


Our story

Aamos originated when our world was plagued by uncertainty and many of us have questioned what kind of world we want to live in and what we can do.

We didn’t want to stay still, but to do something of our own, constant and permanent, that brings out who we are and where we come from…



How is wooden jewelry in use?

Despite its growing popularity, wooden jewelry is perhaps still nowhere near as common as metal jewelry that has been produced and used throughout the ages. However, wooden jewelry has many aspects that make it a very viable alternative to its metal competitor. We will tell you below what kind of wooden jewelry is to wear…

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