How is wooden jewelry in use?

Despite its growing popularity, wooden jewelry is perhaps still nowhere near as common as metal jewelry that has been produced and used throughout the ages. However, wooden jewelry has many aspects that make it a very viable alternative to its metal competitor. We will tell you below what kind of wooden jewelry is to wear compared to metal jewelry and how wooden jewelry should be maintained so that it remains in good condition year after year.

Using wooden jewelry vs using metal jewelry

The absolute advantage of wooden jewelry compared to metal jewelry is its lightness and thus ease of use, especially when we are talking about showy and large jewelry. Large-sized jewelry is most often worn especially in parties, when wooden jewelry does not feel as heavy as a metal alternative even at the end of a long day. This applies especially to earrings, which may cause earlobes to stretch over time due to heavy jewelry.

Another difference between wooden jewelry and metal jewelry is skin friendliness. Many metals cause rashes and chafing on the skin, while wood treats even sensitive skin much more gently. A very common skin irritant is nickel allergy, which is caused by skin contact with metals that release nickel.

Last but not least is the country of origin of the jewelry materials. It can be difficult to trace the origin of jewelry metals, but you can very likely trust that a piece of jewelry which is advertised as Finnish plywood really is Finnish plywood!

Maintain the wooden jewelry properly

Wooden jewelry behaves in the same way as wood as a material elsewhere. Jewelry should be handled with care so that you can enjoy it for as long as possible!

Avoid exposing the wooden jewelry to moisture to ensure a longer life of the jewelry. So don’t  go to the sauna, wash or swim with the jewelry. Also, do not store them in a damp place even when they are not in use. Cosmetics, e.g. perfumes and hair sprays, may damage jewelry parts. The best place to store jewelry is usually the jewelry’s own box or packaging, which should be located somewhere other than the bathroom.

The durability of the wooden jewelry also depends a lot on the thickness of the wood used in the jewelry. If the jewelry is made of thin plywood, it must be noted that plywood is a relatively fragile material that cannot withstand bending. This is good to consider, especially when putting on and taking off the jewelry. Therefore, you should not force the jewelry to fit into a storage space that is too small.

Read more about materials and maintenance of plywood jewelry here.

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