Choose jewelry according to the outfit

Jewelry can easily change the look of any outfit from casual to festive without having to change a different piece of clothing for every occasion. In the past, jewelry told about the wearer’s social status, but nowadays they are accessible and available to everyone, regardless of age, gender, or profession. However, the saying “jewelry tells about its wearer” is not an exaggeration. Jewelry communicates the wearer’s style and often also life, because jewelry often has a lot of emotional value and may have been received or acquired at a moment that is meaningful to you. You can use jewelry to communicate your personality both in everyday life and at parties.

How do earrings and a necklace fit into everyday life?

Earrings and a necklace are easy ways to make everyday dressing more interesting and well-groomed. Despite its name, everyday dressing doesn’t have to be boring, but you can cheer up yourself, your friends and colleagues with flashy jewelry if the situation and environment allow it.

In some jobs, e.g. in the healthcare and restaurant industry, there is a reason for safety and hygiene reasons to avoid wearing certain types of jewelry, in order to ensure the safety of both staff and customers. Similarly, in physical activities, it is often advised to avoid e.g. dangling jewelry, which has the risk of catching on various surfaces and corners, thus endangering the safety of the wearer of the jewelry.

Office work often allows for more versatile dressing, because working calmly at a desk does not force you to think so much about practicality when choosing clothes.

What kind of jewelry is suitable for a party outfit?

For a party outfit, it’s usually easy to choose jewelry that goes well with the shoes and bag that go with the outfit, but sometimes a little contrast can bring the right edge to the outfit. Another safe choice is to choose the color of the jewelry in the same tone as the lipstick or nail polish.

When you combine jewelry with a plain outfit, more colorful and flashy jewelry can shine without worrying about a too messy look. In multi-colored outfits and strong print designs, more restrained jewelry is better, while simpler outfits and colors allow more play with jewelry. Even if you could play endlessly with jewelry, the old wisdoms “less is more” and “simple is beautiful” are often true when it comes to dressing and using accessories.

In the past, the jewelry seen on people was mostly made of gold or silver, but gratifyingly, new and lighter materials have also come to stay both in everyday life and at parties. In addition, it is refreshing that both women and men wear different kinds of jewelry more boldly than before.

Here are tips for jewelry that is suitable for everyday life as well as for parties.

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