About Aamos

Design from our Happy place

Aamos originated at a time when our world has been plagued by uncertainty and many of us have questioned what kind of world we want to live in and what we can do.

We didn’t want to stay still, but to do something of our own, constant and permanent, that brings out who we are and where we come from. We want to paint places where anyone can travel to seek security and peace of mind. Worlds that are close to our hearts and our homes. Worlds that make Finns the happiest people in the world and where everyone has the opportunity to go.

Aamos is inspired by our happy places in Finland, where we want to carry people with our jewellery. 

Anu M

Our visual compass and source of beauty. Relaxes in the peace of nature and enjoys a conversation with a friend.

Happy place: A herd of horses in freedom at an Icelandic sunset


An e-commerce expert & entrepreneur with the capital E. Makes even the most creative idea real & concrete. The travel booklet will be filled with travel stories from Japan and South Korea whenever there’s an opportunity.

Happy place: Own room

Anu V

Our storyteller and cupid of customer experience. Loves people, new experiences & learning. Stays in place only when gets ice cream in her hand.

Happy place: Amusement park on a sunny summer day


A multi-talented marketer who makes sure people will find Aamos.

Likes working (really does!). Also poodle and stroller walks bring joy to everyday life. 

Happy place: The top of the ski slope in the morning sun or the smell of a football field in the summertime.