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Chunky Collection

Chunky Collection

Rhythmic and restful rain, a patter that ranges from strong to silent and helps one grow and reborn when hitting the ground. Fresh intoxicating scent and drops hitting the skin while calming and giving hope for a new beginning.”


Aamos Design Shop

Aamos originated at a time when our world has been plagued by uncertainty and many of us have questioned what kind of world we want to live in and what we can do.

We didn’t want to stay still, but to do something of our own, constant and permanent, that brings out who we are and where we come from. We want to paint places where anyone can travel to seek security and peace of mind. Worlds that are close to our hearts and our homes. Worlds that make Finns the happiest people in the world and where everyone has the opportunity to go.

Aamos is inspired by our happy places in Finland, where we want to carry people with our jewelry. 

Finnish design is the cornerstone of Aamos Design Shop products

Finnish design charms us and the world year after year, and we wanted this to be the most important cornerstone for Aamos when designing and creating products as well. For many, Finnish design is already a concept in itself and Finland is often associated with nature, cleanliness, quality and volume. Finnish design can be seen in Aamos Design Shop products as simple beauty and timeless and sustainable design. At Aamos, Finnish nature and naturalness are particularly evident in the strong utilization of wood and other natural materials, as well as the inspiration brought by nature in all the material and content we produce.

Are the Aamos Design shop jewelry responsibly produced?

Aamos’ jewelry is made of Finnish birch plywood, which we use to ensure not only the quality we want, but also material purchases on a more sustainable basis. New trees are always planted in place of trees cut down from Finnish forests, and birch plywood is a more ecological option than the plastic that is often popular and used in jewelry. Birch plywood is also a pleasant and safe material on the skin. Only substances that are suitable for skin contact are used in the dyeing of jewelry.

We have known from the beginning that we want to use wood as one of Aamos’ materials, as it is a natural and renewable material that comes from forests. We wanted to find an alternative to plastic in materials and avoid using plastic when making products. Despite its name, Finnish design is often produced abroad, but we have wanted to keep the production in our home country as well. This way we know exactly where the jewelry we design comes from and under what conditions it was made.

What material are the Aamos Design Shop earrings made of?

Finnishness and Finnish design are also reflected in Aamos Design Shop’s material choices. The earrings are made of Finnish birch plywood with metal and/or stone combined. The earrings and the Finnish birch that serves as their material bring the wearer closer to nature and delight in use, especially with its lightness. We also believe that jewellery made from natural materials will stand the test of time and will be even more popular in the future. Through this, our material choices are also linked to our values, which are Finnishness, continuity and freedom, as well as our story, which is built around Finnish happy places. Plywood behaves in the same way as wood as a material anyway, so the jewellery should be handled with care so that you can enjoy it for as long as possible! On our blog, you can read more about the materials used in Aamos products as well as about the use of plywood jewellery.

Finnish craft and Finnish product

Finnish handicrafts create new opportunities in the provinces, bring to the fore otherwise hidden know-how and talent, and is in itself a good reason to invest in domestic products. We believe that Finnish craftsmanship enables the manufacture of better, more responsible and sustainable products. Finnish craftsmanship is not the cheapest manufacturing method, but it allows us to manufacture more timeless and long-lasting products that are used for decades.

Finnish craftsmanship is more environmentally friendly, as it can guarantee ethical production and is often a counterweight to fast-changing fashion fads that are only enjoyed for a moment before being thrown away. Marks of Finnishness can be granted to products or services under certain conditions. The most well-known marks of origin include the Key flag symbol and the Design from Finland mark.

Handicrafts as a hobby in Finland

In October 2021, Taitoliitto carried out a survey in cooperation with Taloustutkimus on the craft hobby of Finns with a comprehensive consumer survey – Craftsmanship in Finland. The last time a similar survey was conducted was in 2018, and the popularity of handicrafts only seems to have grown over the past few years. With the increased time spent at home, the crafting hobby has attracted new enthusiasts, and the hobby is perceived as relaxing and rewarding in this time. For the majority of people who do handicrafts, handicrafts are an important part of life. A larger proportion of people are also interested in learning handicrafts than before, up to 85% of Finns are interested in learning handicrafts, while in 2018 the corresponding number was 65%.

According to the research, today crafts and construction are hobbies of almost half of Finns, while in 2018 the corresponding figure was 34%, and the corona period in particular can be seen as a significant factor for the increase in handicraft hobbies. The most popular form of handicraft is knitting, and about a quarter of respondents said they knit weekly. One of three Finns says that they have given crafts they made themselves as a gift, and even more plan to do so. The money spent by craft enthusiasts on craft materials has also increased from 100 to 200 euros compared to the 2018 survey. Handicrafts are also strongly present on social media among active hobbyists. Source: 

The Key Flag Symbol and Design from Finland mark indicate the Finnish origin of the product

The Key flag symbol is one of the most prestigious and well-known marks of origin that can be awarded to a product manufactured in Finland or a service produced in Finland. The prerequisite for the key flag is that the product or service must be at least 50 percent domestic. The Design from Finland label is suitable for a company that wants to highlight design-oriented activities. The mark indicates that the service or product has been designed in Finland in a professional, responsible and user-oriented manner. The head office of the Design from Finland brand companies is located in Finland and they communicate openly.